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Support Staff Interest Group (SSIG)


The purpose of the Academic Library Association of Ohio Support Staff Interest Group (SSIG) is to identify issues and areas of mutual concern among support staff and to develop communication for the purpose of resource sharing and continuing education.


  1. Encourage the participation of all colleagues within the profession to achieve the common goal of quality service.
  2. Foster positive working relationships among support staff at all levels in academic libraries.
  3. Develop a professional identity for support positions within academic libraries.
  4. Promote cohesiveness among support staff statewide.
  5. Promote the exchange of ideas among individuals with similar responsibilities in academic libraries.
  6. Maintain open communication channels with other organizations in Ohio that serve the professional development of library support staff, such as the Ohio Library Support Staff Institute (OLSSI). 


  1. Create an online network of communication to publicize SSIG activities and share resources
  2. Promote professional development opportunities focused on the needs of library support staff
  3. Collaborate with the ALAO web manager(s) to maintain the SSIG web presence.
  4. Collaborate with conference planners of the OLSSI to facilitate any reciprocal arrangements of sponsored registrations for ALAO and OLSSI events.

Organizational Structure

  1. Two co-chairs, serving two-year staggered terms, share leadership for the SSIG.
  2. The co-chairs are designated as first-year and second-year co-chairs, with shared responsibility for website overview and attendance at ALAO Board meetings.
  3. The co-chairs recruit a Members Committee to assist with workshop planning and achieving other objectives.
  4. The second-year co-chair is responsible for recruiting a candidate to be appointed as the incoming first-year co-chair.

For additional information, please see the ALAO Procedures Manual, Section 3, No. 5. Updated July 7, 2014

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