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Upcoming Events

Past Events

  • STEMIG Discussion Session at the 2020 ALAO Conference

    Friday, October 30, 12:20-1:20 pm

    Topic: STEM Librarianship During the Pandemic

  • STEMIG Webinar, October 2, 2020

Step Up Your Screencasts

Speakers: Nathanael Davis, Cedarville University; Zach Sharrow, College of Wooster

This year, many of us have found ourselves relying on video as an instructional tool more than we might have ever anticipated. Are you feeling behind the tech curve? Looking for a tool that suits your needs? Want some tips and tricks for creating high-quality screencasts and videos? Our presenters share a survey of the screencast landscape and present best practices for engaging viewers. 

Video recording is available at:

Nathanael's slides: ScreenCaptureVideoToolsforLibrarians.pdf

Zach's slides: screencasts-sharrow.pptx

  • Annual STEMIG Spring 2020 Workshop, March 20, 2020

Curriculum Mapping

SpeakerMatt Benzing, Computing and Engineering Librarian at Miami University. 

The workshop is open to everybody who is interested in learning about Curriculum Mapping and how to use it to locate points of engagement with faculty and students. 

Video recording is available at

  • STEMIG Webinar, November 21, 2019

Data Curation: Opportunities for Librarians

Presenter: Matt Benzing, co-chair of STEMIG and Computing and Engineering Librarian at Miami University

Data management plans are becoming an important part of grant and publication proposals, yet many researchers are still in the dark about best practices in data management. This creates a number of new opportunities for librarians. I'll give a brief introduction to the topic, followed by a look at how librarians fit into the picture, and some tips on how to engage your faculty."

Video recording is available at

This will be the first of a regular series of webex seminars.

  • STEMIG Roundtable at ALAO 2019

        Topic: "How to successfully develop relationships with STEM faculty and students"

  • STEMIG Spring Workshop 2019

STEMIG  hosted an online workshop on Friday, May 24th. The three speakers discussed about systematic reviews, technical standards, and citizen science. Videorecording is available at

ยท         STEMIG Roundtable at ALAO 2018

Official kick-start of STEMIG activities.

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