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Participation on ALAO committees is open to all ALAO members, with the exception of the Awards Committee. Appointments are made by the ALAO President for two-year terms. Contact the President or President Elect to express your interest in committee participation, or to make suggestions regarding committee business.

Awards Committee

Identifies and nominates Ohio academic library staff members for appropriate recognition and awards. Composition: Past President (Chair), President and the Vice President/President Elect. The committee administers the following awards, given annually at the ALAO Conference: 

Budget and Planning Committee

Reviews association finances and the strategic plan annually. Develops the annual budget, makes recommendations concerning ALAO finances to the Board. Reviews spending proposals, dues structure and other means for revenue enhancement; proposes to the Board necessary changes in strategic plan objectives, dues structure, and budgetary goals as necessary. Composition: Treasurer (Chair), Membership Chair, Vice President/President Elect, Past President, one first year Board Member-at-Large and one second year Board Member-at-Large. Other ALAO members may be appointed at the President's discretion.

Diversity Committee

Addresses issues of diversity, including ethnic and racial diversity; gender; disability issues; international or cross-cultural issues; gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual issues; and age. Composition: Past President; Publications Relations/Outreach Coordinator; and five ALAO members appointed by the President for two-year staggered terms.

Communications Committee

To produce, update and maintain all regular forms of communication to members and the public, including the ALAO Newsletter, Website and social media (including, but not limited to: ALAO listserv, blogs, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.).  To ensure good coordination among all individuals who provide communication content of any type to members and the public.  Specific activities noted here are in addition to those listed in the Procedures Manual for each committee member.  Communications Editor and Public Relations/Outreach Coordinator (co-chairs), Web Manager(s), Membership Chair, Procedures Manual Coordinator, Interest Group Coordinator, and others appointed by the President as needed.  Past-President serves ex-officio, and chairs the annual review process.

Nominating Committee

Prepares a slate of at least two candidates for each elected position on the Executive Board, representing various geographic regions and all sectors of academic libraries in Ohio. Membership: Past President (Chair), Diversity Committee Chair and others appointed by the President; responsibilities terminate with reporting of election returns to the President.

Professional Development Committee

Promotes continuing education and professional development activities among the membership. Goals: identify continuing education and professional development needs of the membership and see ways to meet those needs; foster sharing of professional development opportunities among members and member institutions; provide financial support for professional development activities for member; promote ALAO within the membership and the library community through encouragement of professional development activities. Composition: all six Executive Board Members at Large and the ACRL Liaison.  Additional members from the membership may be appointed by the president.

Program Committee

The Program Committee, also known as the Conference Planning Committee (CPC), is chaired by the Vice President/President Elect. The committee plans the annual conference at which the Vice President/President Elect will preside as President, and begins its work 16 to 18 months prior to the conference. Details are in the Procedures Manual

Research and Publications Committee

Promotes research and publication among ALAO members and communicates information on major granting and funding sources. Goals: maintain current awareness of research grants and other funding sources, and report those opportunities and sources to the membership; make recommendation to the ALAO Executive Board regarding research grants awarded by the Board to support and encourage research projects proposed by ALAO members. Composition: five to seven ALAO members, one of whom is a second-year Executive Board Member At Large.

Updated July 12, 2016

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