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Distance Learning Visionary
Research/Project and Presentation Grant


The Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) seeks to encourage development and participation in ALAO activities. ALAO also recognizes the need to encourage and spotlight pioneering individuals, particularly those who offer their colleagues new and innovative practices that can be adapted and implemented in their home institutions.

The Distance Learning Interest Group (DLIG) supports and encourages librarians and others involved in Distance Learning initiatives to share their solutions for succeeding in the technology-driven environment of online learning. To that end, DLIG will recognize successful, innovative research and/or projects in Distance Learning by annually providing a research/project and presentation grant to an innovator in the field--a  Distance Learning Visionary.

The DLIG will annually provide a Distance Learning Visionary with a research/project and presentation grant for current or proposed research/project, to be received upon completion of a presentation on that research/project at the DLIG Workshop. The ALAO Executive Board may award up to $150 in grant monies annually to a Distance Learning Visionary.


  • Nominee(s) must be currently involved in Distance Learning initiatives at an Ohio college or university and/or active in DLIG.
  • Nominee(s) is not required to be a member of ALAO.
  • Nominee(s) may not have received this distinction in the previous three years.
  • Nominee(s) may not be a current member of the DLIG Planning Committee.
  • The grantee(s) will present research findings or project outcomes in person, remotely, or by prerecorded session for the DLIG Spring Workshop.
  • Collaborators and teams are eligible for joint nomination.
  • Self nominations are permissible.
  • Applications are due no later than December 20 of the year prior to the DLIG Spring Workshop. Grantees are expected to share findings and applications of research/project at the DLIG Spring Workshop in the calendar year following application submission.

Selection Criteria:

  • Visionary(s) will be chosen based on:

    • Demonstrated leadership, service, and innovation and potential or demonstrated impact of nominee’s innovations on the Distance Learning community
    • Completeness of application and all items requested on the application are included:
    • 250-500 word essay demonstrating leadership and service
    • 1-2-page research/project and presentation proposal
    • A 250-500 word essay is required with the application. The essay should demonstrate extraordinary achievements in leadership and service, including best practices, creative use of technologies, or the development of programs that create a better understanding of the role librarians can play in distance learning environments. Links to electronic materials that support essay contents are desirable.
    • A proposal of no more than two pages for a presentation to be given at the DLIG Workshop must also be included with the application. Include the objectives of the current or projected research or project, a brief discussion of previous work on the topic, the methodology that will be used, and the potential or demonstrated impact of the nominee’s innovations on the Distance Learning community.
    • To avoid a conflict of interest, current members of the Committee are not eligible for grant awards. Moreover, no member of the DLIG Planning Committee evaluates proposals received from a colleague at the Committee member's institution.

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